Photoshop Tutorial Darkness Effect Black Background Shadow Effect

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Dark photo manipulation

Photoshop tutorial Darkness effect black background editing

Darkness effect: Welcome to Photoshop ideas Photoshop tutorial. In this lesson we will not make background or work on ready background. In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn how to make an awesome dark effect with black background which we will design using Photoshop. Darkness effect one of the famous theme of Photoshop, many creature have make a tutorial on this topic. But this one is very simple and easy, because it’s for new people who learning Photoshop in starting period.

Guys first of all we click a photo like this, then open it to Photoshop. We will crop it to help of crop tool available on Photoshop. if you want to make a photo like this then follow me step by step through my video. If you not watches our video yet watch now through the link.

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Making of this kind of dark photo is quite easy but some time we not edit proper, because of some trick or tricks. Here i show you very easily for you. This tutorial will help you to make your photo very easily in Photoshop. So guys follow us for awesome tutorial like this. Dark photo editing is very famous in these day, so I decided to make this tutorial on this topic.

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