Retouch and Color Grading Photoshop Tutorial [ Adobe Photoshop CC ]

Retouch and Color Grading Photoshop Tutorial Adobe Photoshop CC

Welcome to mmp picture official tutorial class. Today we are going to learn, how we can retouch and color grading in photoshop. In this photoshop tutorial you can easily understand the combination of color and effect.

This tutorial will help you to understand how you can retouch your photo easily. From this tutorial, you can also learn some advanced levels of adobe photoshop manipulation.

The reason behind the making of this tutorial is there is less video available on this topic. But all retouch photoshop tutorials are not so good. That’s why I made this photoshop tutorial on color grading and retouch. From this tutorial, you can learn lots of things related to photoshop cc.

If you really want to learn photoshop from beginners to advance level, you can watch this tutorial from beginning to end. In this tutorial, I also tell you how you can restore the photo. To learn something like this you need one old photo.

Retouch and Color Grading Photoshop Tutorial Adobe Photoshop CC

After that open the your old photo in photoshop. Apply some effect which I applied in this tutorial. After this follow me through video carefully from beginning to the end. I have give cool effect and quality to this photo. You can see different between both photo. Before editing photo is look like not so good. But after editing you can see differences between both photo.

I did not use any background stock in this photoshop tutorials. This tutorial is made with only original photo. If you really want to make some text effect or light effect you can do. But I simply made this photo. If you want to add some extra light or text you can.

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