SaReGaMaPa 2023 Vote [ Live Now ]

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Now you can vote for your sa re ga ma pa favorite singers. Saregamapa 2023 vote is live now. To vote for your favorite singers you can visit

To keep your contestants on top, you people have to vote for them. You can vote whichever singer of Saregamapa you want to hear further or want to win it.

How To Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singers on vote

Step 1: Visit vote
Step 2: Click on Yellow Color Start Voting Button
Step 3: Enter Your 10 Digit Phone Number in the box.
Step 4: Now Click on Continue Button to get OTP.
Step 5: You Will Get 4 Digit OTP On Your Mobile No Wich you enter in the box. ( Please Enter a valid mobile no.)
Step 6: Enter 4 Digit OTP and Click on Next Button
Step 7: Fill in The Form Name, Email address, DOB, Address, Pincode, and Gender and click on start voting.
Step 8: Now You Can Vote Your Favourite SaReGaMaPa 2023 Contestant.

yumna ajin sa re ga ma pa
Yumna Ajin
Vraj Kshatriya Saregamapa
Vraj Kshatriya
Anshika Chonkar saregamapa
Anshika Chonkar
Rajashree Bag saregamapa
Rajashree Bag
Akansha Rao Saregamapa
Akansha Rao
Sachin Kumar Valmiki saregamapa
Sachin Kumar Valmiki
Ananya Chakraborty SaReGaMaPa
Ananya Chakraborty
Deepayan Banerjee Saregamapa
Deepayan Banerjee
Neelanjana Ray saregamapa
Neelanjana Ray
Farhan Sabir Saregamapa
Farhan Sabir
Sanjana Bhat Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Sanjana Bhat
Aravind Nair Saregamapa
Aravind Nair
Sharad Sharma Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Sharad Sharma
Kinjal Chatterjee saregamapa
Kinjal Chatterjee

By voting for your fav singer of saregamapa 2023, you can push them up. By visiting saregamapa you can cast your vote to them. Or you can directly visit www lenskart com vote saregamapa to support your favorite singers. www lenskart com vote 2023 is giving you the opportunity to support your favorite sa re ga ma pa contestant.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa voting is live now, you can vote Saturday 9:00 pm to Sunday till 11:59 pm. Saregamapa lenskart is the sponsor of this singing reality show. SaReGaMaPa Voting 2023 will be continued till finally. Support your favorite singers by visiting saregamapa vote. vote 2023 is the place where you can cast your vote for your dear singers.

FAQ: SaReGaMaPa 2023 Voting

How to vote on for sa re ga ma pa 2023?

Just follow the step which we have provided at the starting of this page.

How many votes can I vote for saregamapa singers 2023?

500 votes you can give in a week to your favorite saregamapa singer 2023.

What is the sa re ga ma pa 2023 voting time on

Sa re ga ma pa 2023 voting time on is Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. All singers are best but sanjana bhut is one of the best rising singer. I watch the program just only for sanjana and ananay. These two are the best in voice and style. Best wishes for these two.

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